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Williams Mediations & Arbitrations, LLC

Resolving CONFLICT in a conflicted world

Williams Mediations & Arbitrations, LLC provides neutral, holistic conflict resolution services for businesses and families to successfully negotiate and resolve employment, business, divorce and family disputes.  

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Our Story

            At Williams Mediations & Arbitrations, LLC our many years of service to the legal community and to our country has solidified our mission to resolve conflict.  We firmly believe that poor communication and therefore conflict and disputes affects every aspect or our lives and the current legal process does not fix the problem.   With the right neutral using evaluative processes to assist with with negotiating a solution to a problem, better future communications are often the result. 

               At our firm, we have focused on areas where we believe barriers to communication exist.  We work with employers dealing with unhappy employees, separating and divorcing couples, companies and individuals dealing with land disputes, families needing to support incapacitated loved ones, children dealing with distributing assets after the death of a parent, and small businesses with irate customers.               

                 At Williams, we believe that everyone deserves to have a voice and sometimes that is only possible through rational, adult communication with a neutral professional guiding the discussions.  Sometimes there are poer struggles based on initial roles, sometimes there are communication barriers simply due to how each party has learned to 'fight' and sometimes parties just can't communicate because their emotions prevent a clear head to explain why there is somuch pain.  At our firm, we seek to bring clarity to resolve a current matter with the goal of building a compass to avoid future conflict.  

                    If a firmer hand is needed to resolve a dispute, we can act as an arbitrator to render a binding decision.   Even with our many years in the courtroom, we strongly feel that most, if not all disputes can avoid litigation because when lawyers are hired to zealously defend or advocate for a party, the original parties most often lose control of the narrative.  I believe that costly decisions by lawyers and judges are made that did not take all factors into account and creating the all important compass to navigate future disputes never occurs. 

            Our team has years of experience in law and we now provide mediation, arbitration and educational services specifically focused on providing collaborative, negotiated dispute resolution results to help our clients find peace of mind. 

Williams Mediations & Arbitrations Services

At Williams Mediations & Arbitrations, LLC, we provide multiple services to our clients with the ultimate goal of cost and time efficient dispute resolutions.  In the event that a mediation will not assist with resolution, we also provide Arbitration services.  

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you resolve your business or personal dispute and give you peace of mind.

5600 Wyoming Blvd, NE Ste 250 Albuquerque, NM 87109

316 E. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

We also provide all services to all U.S. jurisdictions by Zoom and other remote technologies.  


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